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Nutrition CO

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Nutrition Co is the local healthy food social enterprise that delivers rights-based food in a modern way. The accessibility of social entrepreneurship serves healthy meals and organic food, supporting local farm and factory. It is curial that Nutrition CO corporate with different farms and factory to create healthy meals and product to the customers. Nutrition ….  Read More

A Foxy Tune

0 commentsDigital media February -June 2021 TITLE: A Foxy Tune CONCEPTS:  Creating the animated Company Ad which is 30 sec to 60-sec max long animation. The fox will be playing through and experiencing different stations and genres of music, showcasing the station’s diversity and music genres. In this project, I have worked as the character designer, modelling ….  Read More

Design Thinking

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May 2020  What is the intent of design thinking? The “Design thinking” is the disputable phrase which designates the human-centred principles and applies into the whole new field, according to Don Norman theory. There is a huge different definition of design thinking. The most important dedication of design thinking is taking the distinct viewpoint of ….  Read More

Food Wastage

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June 2020 “There are roughly up to 1.3 billions tonnes of excellently edible food get wasted or lost each year worldwide. Consumers should be aware of this issue and take this problem seriously. Meanwhile, Australia wastes over 5 millions tonnes of food, ending up going to the landfill.” What matters the most ??   Food ….  Read More

Space Voyage

0 commentsDigital media June-August 2020 TITLE: SPACE VOYAGE IDEA: The short and reality-style animation that shows the world and outer-space. This video will be title sequence to present the idea of my animation as well as interest the audience to watch the full shows. BACKGROUND: Space Voyage is the science-fiction as well as a romantic film where ….  Read More


0 commentsDigital media May-June 2020 In this project, I am thinking to create the infographic animation about physical health( Urinary tract infection ) with cartoon style. In this short animation, I had this inspirationwhen I got this infection more than one time in the row. When I did the researchabout this, I found there are many women ….  Read More

Space Pursuit

0 commentsDigital media March-April 2020 SYNOPSIS Space Pursuit is the Australian animated Tv series in 2020, which is based on the girl (Amia) who has a unique power to control people’s mind. However, Amia just wants to normal life like everyone instead of being the experiment from the IE laboratory. When she was turning to teenager, she ….  Read More


0 commentsDigital media Sept-Dec 2020 Atlantis is a wed based shark tracking app which is createdto protect sharks from traditional harmful methodsagainst sharks and other marine life such asdrumlines and shark nets. We also use a cute and simple illustration to help the school and parents educate the children in an easy way. It is not only ….  Read More