Nutrition CO

Nutrition Co is the local healthy food social enterprise that delivers rights-based food in a modern way. The accessibility of social entrepreneurship serves healthy meals and organic food, supporting local farm and factory.

It is curial that Nutrition CO corporate with different farms and factory to create healthy meals and product to the customers. Nutrition CO creates a space for people to share their recipe, gain healthy- eating knowledge, and track their eating diet. Instead of waiting in the cafe for food or buy fast food nearby the working place. Our mobile market-in-a-bus brings fresh, healthy local food to locations that people already frequent, such as recreation centres, offices, churches, and schools in a fast way. We also donate our half profits to supply low-come and homeless people warm and healthy food.

Through healthy eating on a tight budget initiative, our partner provides free monthly workshops and some fresh vegetable that focus on balancing health, nutrition, and personal budgets to boost healthy community.