Space Voyage

June-August 2020


IDEA: The short and reality-style animation that shows the world and outer-space. This video will be title sequence to present the idea of my animation as well as interest the audience to watch the full shows.

BACKGROUND: Space Voyage is the science-fiction as well as a romantic film where the scenes will set in the future. The main character, Jacob wonders the outer space and wants to explore what the out there. He was the author and someday he gets the fantasy experience by meeting the magical girl. She helps him to get an unforgettable experience to achieve and probe the world which he has never seen before.

In this project, I want to challenge myself to explore the software which I never used before and created the scene for my short title sequence. I have always interested in 3D style and the effect, so my plan is using Cinema 4D, After effects, Photoshop and premiere to create my video. I will develop the image in photoshop and create the model and assets in Cinema 4D. When it comes to effects, I will implement my model’s images to After effects for producing the cool and modern style effects. The editing and sound effect part will be finished in Premiere. I think I will be putting a lot of efforts on Cinema 4D, and hopefully I could get the outcome I want. 

Pre-Production Document