Bubble Tea


My brand for this project is base on “Bubble tea”. Bubble tea is a beverage that was invented by Taiwanese. Taiwan is my background, so I want to introduce my country’s traits and designs something that is related to my culture. The idea of my mascot, which is called “ Bubble Tea Bear. “ I was originally think about create some characters from the ingredients of bubble tea, like ice cubes, bubble tea cups, or pearls. Then, I started to do some mind maps about Taiwan. Eventually, I came up with the Formosan Black Bears that are endemic to Taiwan with the white mark pattern on the chest. The bubble tea bear which I designed has cute eyes and wear bubble tea pattern pant. The white V mark on the chest has the subspecies of the bear. The personality of this character is childish, creative, naughty, and optimistic. In addition, it makes the character more vibrant to wear a bright colour hat.

Story Board / Concept