In this project, I was originally going to create two main buildings which are Taipei 101 and Sydney opera house. Inside the Taipei 101, making the holes and coming out is paper cut-out of endangered animal to present the connection between my background and my dream. After discussing with a professor, I found I make it too complicated. Then, I changed it to the normal animal. During this months, I went to several exhibitions, getting more inspiration. Hoping I can extend my interpretation and gaining the different thoughts. Because of this travel, I got the extra idea of making my final design better and another option. However, I got the trouble when making this paper sculpture of the first idea. I tried numerous ways to my building look better even reformatting it. I also did my second part of the idea which is fish pattern cut-out, seeing which can be the better choice at the same time. After making the basic drafts of each idea, I choose the second “Fish cut-out”. This is simple, it is easier than I can present my idea to let the audiences know. Goldfish are native to East Asia, which I can see in Taiwan very often. This fish is also my favourite kinds of fish. For me, Fish gives me the feeling of freedom that I select fish instead of any other animals. On the surface of the fish, I curved many patterns including, Taipei 101, aboriginal patterns in Taiwan, and freedom waves. The strokes which come out from the fish are the sea waves as well as the blue colour in the background. Sea waves mean I travel far away cross the sea alone without any family and friends’ accompany. While I see this sea waves, it can give me brave and courage to face the barrier, letting me think about my family, and the efforts I did before. About the fish fin, changing it into the simple shape of Sydney opera house, applying it into the meaningful pattern. Each of the patterns inside my design has its own connotation. The cause of using mono-colour paper cut-out and colourful background is divided into two parts to explain. First, making the contrast, highlighting my main design. Second, black is my favourite colour which means elegance and mystery, like the fish itself. The colourful backgrounds present my personality which is positive, happy and loving to receive the challenges.

  Overall, I learned how could I comes out a new idea in the efficient ways at the short time and how I could address the problems of processing paper cut-out. I think if I have the chance to conduct this kind of project in the future, I could try to make more paper cut-out and create sense of multi-layer. Then, developing the skill of making paper sculpture.

  In addition, I am quite satisfied with my final sculpture and digital photo after putting across this project. I pretty enjoy making the new creature and thinking distinct ideas. My whole works are the certain path through which I can express my feeling, soul, and knowledge.        

Final Digital Version of Model

In my digital design, I choose adobe illustrator and adobe photoshop. Illustrator which I use is for creating the vector design inside my poster and duplicating into photoshop. It could make the work easier. Afterwards, utilizing photoshop to do photo adjusting and editing. Combining the elements, rotating the images, and putting fonts is easy to do in this two software. These two softwares are benefits of making poster.

The conception

The Process